Tina Faigen (cont.)

Faigen’s CD recordings of Robert Schultz’s works “Visions of Dunbar”and “Tina Faigen Plays Piano Transcriptions”received rave reviews. Music critics describe her as “commanding a rich palette of pianistic colors and fingers of awesome dexterity,” and as having “a compelling combination of solid technique and distinctive interpretation, full of color and nuance with her virtuosity the servant of the music. A stunning performer who plays with assurance, fluidity and power.” “Remember her name.”


Co-author of the acclaimed Accelerando Piano Technique Series, and numerous other editions of educational piano music, for more than 20 years Faigen has been the primary editor for The Robert Schultz Piano Library. Information about her collaborations with her husband, composer Robert Schultz, can be found at www.schultzmusic.com. Faigen has maintained an active teaching studio since the age of 14. She is on the piano faculty at University of Pittsburgh and at Carnegie Mellon University Music Preparatory School. Also a violinist, Faigen serves as Principal 2ndfor Edgewood Symphony Orchestra.