Justin Brown (cont.)

An entrepreneur at his core, Mr. Brown transformed his early career as a composer, performing musician and piano teacher into a fully-staffed, professional recording and production company, AirCraft Studios and Brown/Lee Productions.  In collaboration with KDKA-TV, the studio produced and released “Steel Mill Blues,” a single that brought exposure and $84,000 in financial aid to unemployed steel workers and their families. He continued this success in fundraising and advocacy efforts with “Bundle Them Up” for WTAE, a single released to benefit children that featured 63 local celebrities on the recording.  Currently, volunteers and staff become Mr. Brown’s audience for spontaneous mini-concerts!

The same passion and entrepreneurial spirit that took him from the studio to the corporate field and later into social enterprise and nonprofit work also led him to take on the challenge of opening The Education Partnership, Pennsylvania’s first teacher resource center.

A native of Pittsburgh, Justin is married to Christyl, who also shares his love for music by adding her vocals to the mix.  They have three grown children, Tricia, Hilary and David who also share their musical talent.


(credit https://remakelearning.org/person/brown-justin/)